Daniel Charles Y. Seigle
(born June 14, 1976 in Scranton, Pennsylvania) is a Filipino-American professional basketball player in the Philippine Basketball Association for the San Miguel Beermen. A 6'6", 205-lb. swingman, he is fondly called Dynamite Danny and Danny S by many. He won the 1999 PBA Rookie of the Year and led San Miguel to six championships to date during his career. He is also a member of the Philippine national basketball team.


"You really inspire me to do  well.. I really don’t wanna let you guys down or my teammates. I wanna go and perform, my motivation is.. every game is to.. not to let people down. I think disappointment is like ah.. one of the worst things for me to handle. I don’t like to disappoint people. It is not for me. I always wanna do well for my teammates. It kills me when I’m injured and I cant play. I really know, coz growing up, I was also a basketball fan. When I used to go see… when you're excited to see the best players and then they’re injured you are kinda upset over it. so that’s why Im trying to stay as healthy as I can. " - danny seigle

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The Danny Seigle YahooGroup would be conducting their interview to Danny Seigle and we would ask you guys if you have questions that you would want to ask for DS. The interview would be posted here in the site.
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Message to the Fans From Danny Seigle himself!

"Hi everyone, thank you for the support and ahhh I Love You Guys, take care!" -  DANNY SEIGLE (SMB Practice - Acropolis Gym courtesy of the Danny Seigle YahooGroup)


The DS Yahoo Group Interview held at thier Official Christmas Party Music 21 Timog

QUESTION: What do you want for us to do with Pennisi?
DS: Poke him in the eye! No... actually Mick Pennisi is a really good friend of mine. He's a great friend of mine, but I have to admit I was really upset when I got poked in the eye. uhmm I know he wouldn't do that purposely. i know that. It's just that I was mad at him at that time. He knows that I'm still angry at him. It's because… too many accidents happening around me. He's always been a good friend of mine. we actually used to hang out quite often.

QUESTION: How about Mark Caguioa?
DS: I'll tell you what..some people especially players, they.. how do I say this?.. for me i think in order for you to be a good player.. to be good at whatever you do no matter what it is, you have to have uhmm confidence in yourself.. ypu have to have a lot of integrity. You almost have to be arrogant inside. For me, uhmm I'm really arrogant but i dont get..(naputol kc nagcomment mga tao)... you have to understand.... Im arrogant inside and i keep that in, but while im on the court that's how, what separates me from other players. My arrogance is within me. My confidence is very good. Now Mark Caguioa on the other hand, the reason why he's so good is because he's arrogant but.. I mean some people can't control that inside them he's not a bad guy. I think he's a great player, an awesome player.. and it's because he's arrogant, that's why. I mean some players keep it inside, some people express themselves, that separates him from other players. He knows he's arrogant. He knows he's good. He plays with a lot of confidence. I respect his arrogance.


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