No. 66 Danny Seigle Carbondale High School


Type Danny Seigle's name into Google or some other Internet search engine. There are close to 700 hits on the name, most of them for fan clubs and message boards devoted to "Dynamite Danny."

At Carbondale, Seigle was the high-scoring power forward that led his team to a state record 59 straight wins. At Wagner, he was the two-time conference all-star on the cover of the team's 1998 media guide. In the Philippines, though, Seigle is Michael Jordan.

In 1993, Seigle led the bald-headed Carbondale team to a state championship, scoring 27 points in the title game. The next year the Chargers went undefeated in the regular season and Seigle was named all-state and honorable mention all-America.

At Division I Wagner, he scored 1,652 points, sixth most in school history, and after his 1998 senior season joined his older brother Andy in the Philippine Basketball Association.

Both Seigles became stars overseas, but Danny reached superstar status. He was the leading vote getter for the 2004 PBA all-star game with more than 223,000 votes.

By the numbers:


Points in Seigle's high school career.


Seigle's record in three years at Carbondale.


Consecutive years a Seigle won Lackawanna League North Player of the Year. Andy from 1989-91 and Danny from 1992-94.

"Hi Danny, your the only reason why i watch the PBA. For me you are the best player in our country today. When your injury happaned before the Asain Games. i felt like turn upside down and i was really devastated.Your always included in my prayers. hope to see you back in action soon."

-Part of a post on a PBA Internet message board written in 2003. This is exactly as it was written under the headline, "I love you Danny Seigle."